Monday, October 12, 2009

The Marina Developers Could Have Won Negotiations

Did the Marina Developers win?
A Destin’s residence thinks that the developers have won the approval for the construction of a 15-story Condo/Hotel building on Destin Harbor. The Marina Developers have been negotiating since February 2009 and it seems that they have won all the negotiations with more benefits.

1. Providing space on-site for one end of a U.S. 98 crossover.
2. Allowing the museum to build a 4,000 feet facility at the marina.
3. Making several changes to the fleet’s lease agreement at 206 Harbor Boulevard,
where the city plans to build Royal Melvin Heritage Park.

The city bought the land for $4.6 million in 2006, and is in line for a $2.3 million state grant to cover half the cost. Because part of the land goes to the fleet’s commercial use, the state could cut $600,000 out of the grant. City Manager Greg Kisela told the Planning Agency that reducing the fleet’s footprint improves the odds of getting all the money.

“I’m very comfortable they have provided an adequate public benefit,” Kisela said.

“It is a wonderful thing when we can contribute what we think is a wonderful (addition) to what goes into the community,” Marina attorney Mike Chesser said. “Nothing has been left to chance … we’re trying to make it chapter two or three of what the Destin Fishing Fleet has begun.”

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