Thursday, October 22, 2009

Southwest Airline coming to the Panhandle on May 2010

The St. Joe Company and Southwest Airlines announced a strategic alliance providing for the commencement of air service to Northwest Florida’s new international airport near Panama City Beach, Florida in May 2010.

The Bay County Tourism Development Council, Coastal Vision 300 and the South Walton Tourism Development Council have been working together with local groups to promote the opening of the Northwest Florida International Airport in Panama City.

Southwest Airlines is bringing low fares and excellent service to the Emerald Coast just in time for the 2010 summer vacation season! Southwest’s entry into the Panama City market will make it more accessible and affordable for people in other states to enjoy sugar-white-sand beaches, incredibly gentle blue waters, and an amazing variety of visitor accommodations that Northwest Florida has to offer. You can start booking your tickets on December 2009, there will be eight flights a day to and from four cities with a daily capacity of 2000 passengers. They have not yet announced specific schedules or which cities will be serviced by direct flights.

Bill Owen – Lead Planner in the Schedule Planning Department for Southwest Airlines said “If you’ve never visited the Panama City area, believe me, you have an incredible treat in store. I’m already planning my family’s vacation there next summer.”

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Panama City Airport Name Not Satisfactory

There is a great deal of people unhappy with the name of the new airport opening May 2010 in Bay County.

“Several members of the Bay County Commission and the Panama City Beach City Council, along with Mayor Gayle Oberst, have expressed disappointment with the new name for the Panama City airport.”

The members of the Airport Authority may or may not reconsider changing the new name. I hope they do since it will be very confusing to have two airport with the name so similar.

“Greg Donovan, Director of Northwest Florida Regional Airport in Okaloosa County, said he would like the Panama City airport officials to readdress their name.

We have worked over a year in branding. We think it’s poor choice for them to have a name that so closely affiliates with a brand we are doing.”

I will let you know more about this issue on my blog.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Marina Developers Could Have Won Negotiations

Did the Marina Developers win?
A Destin’s residence thinks that the developers have won the approval for the construction of a 15-story Condo/Hotel building on Destin Harbor. The Marina Developers have been negotiating since February 2009 and it seems that they have won all the negotiations with more benefits.

1. Providing space on-site for one end of a U.S. 98 crossover.
2. Allowing the museum to build a 4,000 feet facility at the marina.
3. Making several changes to the fleet’s lease agreement at 206 Harbor Boulevard,
where the city plans to build Royal Melvin Heritage Park.

The city bought the land for $4.6 million in 2006, and is in line for a $2.3 million state grant to cover half the cost. Because part of the land goes to the fleet’s commercial use, the state could cut $600,000 out of the grant. City Manager Greg Kisela told the Planning Agency that reducing the fleet’s footprint improves the odds of getting all the money.

“I’m very comfortable they have provided an adequate public benefit,” Kisela said.

“It is a wonderful thing when we can contribute what we think is a wonderful (addition) to what goes into the community,” Marina attorney Mike Chesser said. “Nothing has been left to chance … we’re trying to make it chapter two or three of what the Destin Fishing Fleet has begun.”

Click here for more information on this article, I will keep you posted on more news in Destin.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Destin Marina Condo

I was reading on the Destin Log that the new 15-story Destin Harbor Hotel-Condo could help or destroy Destin’s Fishing Fleet. Destin’s Local Planning Agency is going to review the public benefits proposal from Destin Fishing Fleet to allow a construction of a building higher than 10 stories.

Under the city’s land-use code, developers can exceed the city’s limits on height and units per acre if they provide a suitable public benefit in return.

In February, marina representatives asked the council if their proposed benefits package — $879,000 to the harbor fund, burying overhead utilities, a five-foot wide harbor accessway, land for an amphitheater at neighboring Royal Melvin Heritage Park and relocating the History & Fishing Museum to the marina property — would be enough for a 160-foot tall, 480-unit development. A yes vote wouldn’t have guaranteed development approval, but it would have guaranteed that the height and unit density were acceptable.

For more public benefits on the revised proposal click here.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Panama City Bay County International Airport

Panama City Bay County International Airport has been under construction since January 2008. This is the first airport built in the United States since 9/11. Northwest Florida is expecting the grand opening in late May 2010!

Airport authorities are brain storming for airport names and will decide on a name on September 22nd, when they meet again. They are asking members of the public for suggestions, email to present your ideas to the Board members.

The Panama City – Bay County International Airport Authority is going to have some of the latest equipment in security technology called The Checked Baggage Inspection System. This equipment is designed to enhance screening capabilities and airport safety and also facilitate customer service.

For more information about the new airport and the new baggage screening equipment go to

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Real Estate Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This

Can buying a Watercolor foreclosure or a Rosemary Beach Short Sale get any easier than The Moran Team's Name Your Price program?

Here's how Name Your Price works:

Simply use the form (click here for the form) to tell us if you are a buyer or a seller, what you would like to buy or sell and what you are willing to spend or take for a property.

For example: I'm a buyer looking for Grayton Beach Real Estate - a 3 bedroom house and I am willing to pay $800,000 - or - I am a seller who owns a two bedroom Seacrest Beach Florida condo and I would sell it for $350,000.

We will then go to work looking for sellers or buyers that meet your requirements.

Once we find a potential match, we will contact you to begin the negotiation process.

You end up with a successful deal, or we move on and continue looking for another buyer or seller.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Great Buys On Beach Front Condos In Florida!

These are three properties that are Not Short Sales but will sell at a Short Sale prices.

1 Bedroom Condo At Sundestin


There have been (56) sales at of this floor plan at Sundestin since 2003 that were priced $240,000 or higher. The highest sold for $448,000 in 2004, the highest sales price for this stack was $420,000 in 2004. This is the lowest price unit above the 3rd floor (3rd and below have no view) and the last sale of this floor plan was Oct. of 2008 for 261,000. This is a good deal.

2 Bedroom Condo At Pelican Beach Resort


There have been (28) sales of this floor plan in Pelican Beach since 2003 priced at $330,000 or higher. The highest sales price for this stack was $671,625 in 2005. The last sale of this stack was for $310,000 in Nov. of last year. Make an offer and you might be surprised what they will take.

2 Bedroom Condo At Majestic Sun

MAJESTIC SUN, #B213, MIRAMAR BEACH, FL - $318,900.00

There have been (50) sales of this floor plan in Majestic Sun since 2003 priced at $318,000 or higher. The highest sold for $690,500 in 2005. The highest sales price for this stack was $579,900 in 2004. This is the lowest price unit of this floor plan and the last sale of this floor plan was Dec. of 2008 for $359,000. This is a good deal.

Check these out and let me know what you think. To see other great deals take a look at our website where you can see foreclosures and short sales for Sandestin Real Estate, Grayton Beach Real Estate, Santa Rosa Beach Real Estate, Watercolor Real Estate, Seaside Real Estate, Watersound Real Estate, Alys Beach Real Estate, Seacrest Real Estate and Rosemary Beach Real Estate.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Getting A Mortgage

For the people out there that are considering buying Watersound Real Estate, an investment property in Seaside, a Sandestin condo or Seacrest Beach foreclosure and will be getting a mortgage you need to be aware of the changes to the mortgage industry.

Les Christie, a writer for CNN wrote a good article about what you need to consider when shopping for a home loan. He talks about Paying up-front points in order to reduce the mortgage's interest rate over the life of the loan. He talks about a down payment strategies with regard to how much you should put down. Finally, he talks about the value of locking in the mortgage rate. Click here to see the article

Whatever you decide to do there are many options with regard to mortgages and you should shop around. Like mortgage there are many options with regard to South Walton County Real Estate as well, if you would like to take a look at your options including foreclosures and short sales check out:

Sandestin Real Estate
Grayton Beach Real Estate
Watercolor Beach Real EstateSanta Rosa Beach Real Estate
Seaside Real Estate
Watersound Real Estate
Alys Beach Real Estate
Seacrest Beach Real Estate
Rosemary Beach Real Estate

Saturday, January 31, 2009

State Farm Will No Longer Write Home Owner Policies In Florida

On Jan. 27, 2009 State Farm Insurance announced that had filed plans to discontinue its property insurance lines in Florida. In a statement from Company President Jim Thompson, the plan includes insurance coverage for homeowners, renters, rental condominium unit-owners, rental dwellings, condominium unit-owners, personal liability umbrella, boats, personal articles, apartments, business, church, commercial inland marine, commercial liability umbrella, contractors, manufactured home and premises/personal liability.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company (State Farm Mutual) and its affiliated companies will continue to provide automobile insurance, life insurance, health insurance and other financial products and services in Florida.

So Where Do You Go Now?

Of course if you own a vaction home or condo at the beach in South Walton County Florida, or any real estate At The Beach, you are going to need insurance and even though State Farm is no longer writing policies there are still companies that will. A company that we have recommended for a long time is Term Brokers Insurance. Term Brokers Insurance is an Independent Agency with over 18 years insurance experience and represent the highest ranked and most reliable "A rated admitted" insurance companies at the lowest rates in Florida.

Top 5 property insurers in Florida

Citizens Property*: 1.25-million
State Farm Florida: 1-million
Universal Property: 364,000
Allstate Floridian: 300,000
Nationwide: 205,000
* Run by the state

Source: Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Real Estate Blogs

Check out these real estate blogs to get some good in depth information regarding specific South Walton County Florida communities. These are the communities we have started and more will follow in the coming weeks.

Rosemary Beach Real Estate News Contains recap of 2008 real estate sales as well as Rosemary Beach real estate currently for sale and more.

Alys Beach Real Estate News Contains recap of 2008 real estate sales as well as Alys Beach real estate currently for sale and more.

Watersound Beach Real Estate News Contains recap of 2008 real estate sales as well as Watersound Beach real estate currently for sale and more.

As I said we will be adding more communities over the next couple of weeks. You can also check out foreclosures, short sales, great photo gallery, festivals and more our website:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Five Reasons Rosemary Beach is Unique and Special

Rosemary Beach Florida is the kind of place where you simply can't be anything but easygoing and relaxed. There are no cars need, simply park, unpack, change into beach clothes and head to the beach - walk with the kids or ride a bike, it really doesn't matter because you will get there in a few minutes either way from almost anywhere in town. So what makes Rosemary Beach so specical?

The Architecture

The incredible architecture employed for both homes and businesses demands that you slow down and look around. The details of the design are proudly on display in the odd shapes, sloping angles and unexpected curves found on virtually every structure in town. You certainly do not have to be a student of architecture to understand that Rosemary Beach Florida is a very special place.

The Green Spaces

I challenge anyone walking past one of the green spaces not to stop and roll a game of Bocce Ball on the lawn, toss a football around with friends or simply watch time stand still as you wrestle with your kids in the soft grass.

The Dining

On the way back from the beach you may want to stop and get a quick snack at one of a number of great little eateries and food shops that fill out Main Street. Of course, don't eat too much because there are also some great fine dining places as well.

The Shopping

Stroll down Main Street and take in great shopping for yourself, the kids and even your home. There is something for everyone in Rosemary Beach Florida.

The Beach

Splash in the waves and build sand castles in the snow white sand with your kids at one the most beautiful beaches in the world.