Thursday, October 8, 2009

Destin Marina Condo

I was reading on the Destin Log that the new 15-story Destin Harbor Hotel-Condo could help or destroy Destin’s Fishing Fleet. Destin’s Local Planning Agency is going to review the public benefits proposal from Destin Fishing Fleet to allow a construction of a building higher than 10 stories.

Under the city’s land-use code, developers can exceed the city’s limits on height and units per acre if they provide a suitable public benefit in return.

In February, marina representatives asked the council if their proposed benefits package — $879,000 to the harbor fund, burying overhead utilities, a five-foot wide harbor accessway, land for an amphitheater at neighboring Royal Melvin Heritage Park and relocating the History & Fishing Museum to the marina property — would be enough for a 160-foot tall, 480-unit development. A yes vote wouldn’t have guaranteed development approval, but it would have guaranteed that the height and unit density were acceptable.

For more public benefits on the revised proposal click here.

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